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It would be great getting my refund to the original payment method which is credit card from Paypal.

Is it not possible to make the second refund on paypal?

Otherwise, I will leave my bank info.

Thank you,


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We apologize for getting you in trouble with this refund amount.

Please provide us with your account information refunding the shipping fee($30)
[Name of bank, branch address, BSB, account number, account holder name, and Swift code]

Thank you for your kind understanding and sorry again for your inconvenience.
We will be waiting for your reply.
Thank you.

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I got a refund confirmation email, but I would like to double check the refund amount. 

The total amount when I purchased was $310 ($120+$160 for 2 bags and $30 for shipping fee). I can understand not getting back the shipping fee, $30.

The total refund amount through Paypal was $250. What is the $30 deduction for?

Am I really paying for $60 just to see your bags?

Please let me know what the $30 deduction about.

Thank you!



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